Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Down

First gift from the in-laws arrived today.  Game with 36 choking-sized plastic pieces.  STRIKE ONE!

(Dear in-laws:  Please don't get stuff for our kids EVER.) 

Boy, am I glad we decided to slice the wrapping paper open for pre-approval, this year.


  1. LOL. Do we have the same in-laws?

    We got a beautiful classic doll for our little girl from the in-laws. They: (1) forgot she is 7 months so can't really play with this very heavy doll and (2) requested we make sure she doesn't damage it because it is a collectors item!

    REALLY?! For an infant/soon-to-be toddler? Good luck with that! It's either her doll or it isn't, because I can't explain to someone who gets joy from sucking on her foot that her toy is a &!%*$@ collector's item!

    Basically it is staying in the box after one staged photo.

    1. Quite possibly of the same species: The Dreaded Deaf-In-The-Ear-Nearest-You In-Laws.

      Mine got Bug some Tiffany china (a children's plate/bowl set) when he was born. Um.... what?

      There's another whole box to vet. I seriously do wish they'd never buy stuff. Except maybe clothes; they get little blue jeans and cute long-sleeve shirts with moose on them and APPROPRIATE stuff.

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Oy vey. Do they just not recall child rearing?


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