Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nothing To See Here

1) We are re-painting the house.  Oy.  Also, though, we bought a house that needed a lot of work, because we could thereby afford a nice house. 

2) I finally looked up what an icepick headache is.  What I have is more like being continuously stabbed with an icepick. And sometimes it's a migraine.  Hurrah!

3) Time to go see the doctor. Except she was remarkably insulting last time.  Time to see a new doctor?


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Icepick headaches - not at all even a little bit fun. I had a friend who got them who declared them to be up there with childbirth in terms of un-fun ways to spend an afternoon. I offer my condolences. Good luck with finding a clever doctor. For I am convinced that rude dismissive doctors, pace House, are spectacularly stupid and crappy diagnosticians.

    1. Yeah, but at least you get a BABY out of childbirth. Usually.

      This particular doctor... assumes everyone's an idiot? Which is correct 90% of the time. Still. I'm thinking of seeing the kids' doctor; although a dude, he's smart and listens well.

  2. Wow, just reading about that makes me need to go hide in a closet. The icepick thingy. DEATH! And yeah, maybe an non-insulting doctor? T

    My husband was a house painter after college and likes to talk a lot of...stuff...about how he's gonna paint this or that. Never even comes close to happening.

    1. We did it! The whole darn thing!

      New doctor time. Also, more narcotics. I go through them really slowly- I still have 15 V's from last summer, a full year ago - but sometimes, well, only the good stuff will do.

      (Also didn't you just have a BABY?)


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