Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Retrospect, Maybe Not

We interrupt our regularly scheduled angst to bring you this breaking news:

Nicole (who comments frequently, but doesn't blog) and I have stolen rescued about 4 or 5 8 or 9 bushels of apples,* with fine disregard for things like "property law" and "no trespassing signs".  There were ladders and pointy tools and tarps involved. Nobody was arrested.

We are now making an insane quantity of applesauce while our children roam free in the yard.  There may be pictures.

I think we're going to have to make most of into apple butter, because I estimate it'll yield about 25 GALLONS of applesauce.  There are not enough Mason jars in the world.  

*My neighbor's tree, N's neighbor's tree, and an abandoned apple orchard now owned by a construction company.  It wasn't a great year for apples up here, or there might have been (oh dear) more.  

Also: FREE! Also: organic!  Nobody sprays abandoned trees.  Sometimes very organic, indeed. 


  1. With "very" organic, to you mean "with extra protein", such as maggots? Anyway, enjoy!

  2. Well, I think all the bugs were gone, but there were definitely worm trails and some crunchy bits. It was AWESOME. Also, I never want to see another apple ever again.

  3. I really enjoyed making the insane amount of applesauce! I didn't even see apples when I closed my eyes last night (I think I fell asleep too fast). I'm sure you'll get through those last four bags of apples quickly... Though it might be challenging doing it with your eyes closed :)

  4. Awww, how idyllic. Though it seems like an inappropriately early sign of autumn.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    What about freezing the applesauce?

    Or baking with it and then freezing what you bake?

    1. I have a lot more shelf space than freezer space! Plus we actually canned it all already. Mean rate, with assistance (!) o 4 kids aged 9 mo to 5, was 2 gallons an hour. Not bad for starting the morning off with apples!


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