Thursday, March 01, 2012


I've never thought of myself as a social person; I always want to be alone.  (Because I never AM, except late at night- when, Dear Readers, I write all these epistles.)  In any event, being a stay-at-home parent to a nursing infant and a toddler is a need-a-minute extravaganza.  "Solitude" does not appear on the list.

This is completely unsurprising, but my desire to immerse myself in a computer screen and never come out is directly proportional to the how needy my children are that day.  

Also, it's REALLY hard to tell the difference between "sick toddler with fever" and "whiny annoying toddler who didn't sleep well."  Oops!  When he turned down the icing-covered sugar cookie, I knew something was really wrong.


  1. I sympathize with the computer use during irritating toddler times. At my house, I know I'm on the computer too much when DH says, "Didn't we just charge the IPad 2 days ago? Do you think it's battery is going?" No, honey, I'm just feeling tired and have run out of books to read.
    I hope your son feels better soon!

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Right there with you. And yes, I think it's only natural to start out saying, "why is my kid so miserable and annoying?" before you whip out the thermometer. At least, it's normal for me. I hope he feels better very soon.

  3. Thanks! He's mercifully improving.

    Next time he's really annoying, clearly I should offer him SUGAR!! Because if he's just annoying... no, wait.


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