Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Which I Am Ranty

Dear writers of baby sleep books,

Breastfed babies nurse to sleep.  No, I cannot use your 'feeding schedule' with amounts in a chart.  No, I cannot just take the baby off and rock him to sleep instead.  No, your useless advice does not help me.

(Also: no, I do not remember what on earth I did with Bug.)

Dear writers of baby books in general,

There is a thing called 'proof by counterexample'.  Look it up.


  1. HA! I was just reading a book on feeding babies and toddlers and thinking how full of uselessness and poison they all are, even the ones that you mainly agree with... I hope you stumble upon something that works...

  2. Kid #1 finally slept through the night at 18 months. Lots and lots and lots of nursing to sleep, up until about age 3!

    Kid #2? Slept 10 hours straight at 2 MONTHS! And he would nurse, pop off, and then go to sleep.

    So, no advice except obviously kid #1 did NOT read the sleep books, and kid #2 did...

  3. Kid #1 nursed to sleep (or fell asleep in the rocker, and was not touched upon pain of death). Kid #2 nursed to sleep and I fell asleep nursing him most nights as well. They'll make the transition to sleeping on their own once the breast feeding is done. Good luck!

  4. Pharma microbiologist3:12 AM

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with nursing to sleep, as long as YOU are comfortable doing it. Still nursing my three-year-old to sleep sometimes. Works like a charm!

  5. my personal favorites are the book (like the otherwise pretty decent AAP birth to age 5 book) that follow up big sections about how important breastfeeding is (unless you hate your baby) with those same detailed charts, etc., of ounces per feeding. which would be useful if only i had thought to have gauges installed on my nipples.

    this was especially fun during the traumatic "when will he regain birth weight" weeks.

  6. i should add that i gave up on the sleep books REALLY early, as they only made me angry and self-hating and not any less tired.

  7. Tater mostly sleeps pretty well, but seriously, those books are useless. Bug gets a story and a song and a goodnight, so I have perfect faith Tater will one day too, but meanwhile, I could write a book on Getting Breastfed Babies To Sleep. It would read: Nurse. Lather, rinse, repeat. Bah, humbug.


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