Tuesday, March 06, 2012

In Which I Am Bitter (About Government)

"They're all crooks," my mother is wont to mutter.  (Of course, I think she may have voted for McCain.  I considered asking her to have a psych evaluation, but confined myself to pointing out that Sarah Palin thinks you can see Russia from Alaska.) (Yes, I know there's some tiny island where it's true.  Tina Fey's version is funnier.)

Anyhow.  Dr. S is technically a state employee, except not really, on account of he gets no state benefits except previously-good health insurance.  Now it is sucky health insurance.  I am resigned to being poor; I quit my damn job, after all, and it's hopefully not forever


I am not resigned to having our rat-weasel nutjob Republican governor take away 15% of our gross income to 'balance the budget', by which he means give tax breaks to the rich in- coincidentally!- the same amount he's taking from the poor.   Rat.  Weasel. RATWEASEL. 

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  1. I agree completely! But, the poor stupid guy never went to college, so he doesn't really know how a university is run. (You know, on the backs of the broke and overworked grad students and post-docs. Though, most profs work 60 hr weeks too, I think they're just used to it after so long in academia.) We can't get him out of office soon enough.


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