Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sensitive Boy

Bug has always been a little sensitive, and very attached to Mama.  When I was working I never left him for more than nine hours... and since I quit my job a year and a half ago, never more than three hours.  (Yes, I do feel like I'm on one of those tethered leashes!  Thank you for asking!)  I've left him with a variety of responsible friends and relatives, but he would often sob quietly for an hour or two.  He was a little afraid of the more aggressive kids, wouldn't talk around anyone but family, and had a fit every time I walked out the door; I joked that he was going to be the kid who cried every day after kindergarten.

Well, suddenly he's chattering nonstop, running around at top speed after his tot friends, and screaming "MINE! MINE!!! I NEED IT I WANT IT IT'S MINE!!!"  I dropped him off at a friend's house today and he ran away without his goodbye kiss, never looking back.

Not worried any more.


  1. This makes so much sense to me. Bug has figured out that he's totally secure, that Mama is always there or will come back. My mom used to try to drop me off at play dates when I was little and I was so unhappy that she'd just stay rather than leave the other mom with a crying child. The other mom was convinced that I would never become properly independent with the way my mom was indulging me. Today I live one country and 3 time zones away from my parents; the other child? she lives about 10 minutes from her family. Granted, this might also have to do with the dis/functionality of our respective families!

  2. Hurrah! That's got to be a huge relief. Hey, do you think it's got anything to do with the magic of a sibling? Or just a maturational moment?

  3. Belle: oh dear. Well.. there are things you can't do with a toddler along, so I left him anyways and sometimes he cried- but yeah, this time I told him I'd be back after lunch and he was all like okay! bye!

    Bunny: mostly now I don't feel so bad for the people *watching* him! Personally, I think it's just developmental and unrelated to the sibling; he got a little older, a little more aggressive and defiant (he was tackling another little girl this week! to be fair, she tackled him first) and hey! Look! These people have TRUCKS to play with! Bye, Mama!


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