Sunday, September 25, 2011

Less Responsible

We are now on day three of Wrathful Post-Nap Peeing (On Pants).  Since he holds it for ten hours at night and gives up a mighty piddle every morning... it's just a bad case of Two.  With screaming tantrums.  Trust me on this one: it's behavioral, not biological.  Bribery, threats, leaving in room, rational talking, and incarceration in bathroom have all been tried; all have resulted in Wrathful Peeing On Pants.

Excuse me, I have to do another load of laundry now.  Ye gods, how I love this age.


  1. perhaps we should extend the concept of water births to just storing babies in buckets until middle school-ish.

    what? it could work.

  2. He didn't pee on the floor today! That honor went to someone else's child.



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