Monday, September 19, 2011


Dr. S: You look concerned.  Is something wrong?
Me: I'm considering apple logistics.
Dr. S: Apple orchards have apple logistics.  Farms have apple logistics.  I'm not sure we should have apple logistics.
Me: ... but I really like apple butter....

(There are some abandoned apple trees around here.  I forage.)


  1. tishrei is many apple pies are you making over yuntif?

    (i dread dread dread cooking)

  2. (Hands over ears) LA LA LA LA no holiday cooking oh good heavens.

  3. I love apple butter, and I've recently discovered canning. We made a few batches of blueberry jam and some pickles this summer. When the peaches were in season here (until about a week ago), I was dead set on making some peach butter. But then, yeah, logistics and a few other things got in the way. Still time for apple butter though. Thanks for reminding me. And maybe some apple sauce...

    Sometimes I need someone to remind of the logistics. Like yesterday when in the same conversation I told my husband how excited I was that we got into a fall season CSA share and how excited I was to plant some fall crops in our own garden. Slow down lady, don't you have paper revisions to finish and a ton of other writing you want to be doing? And how about actually cooking all this food you have planned?

  4. Yeah. Turns out 60 pounds of apples require a lot of logistics. Like: how many bowls and large pots do we have, anyhow? And can I really fill them all with apple puree? (Yes!)

  5. 60 pounds! heavens!

    there was a feral apple tree on my walk to grad school, and i would sometimes pick fallen ones up to eat. (the tree was far too tall to pick from.) my fellow students were APPALLED -- HOW could i KNOW for SURE those were apples??

    the human race. sometimes i worry.

  6. "(Hands over ears) LA LA LA LA no holiday cooking oh good heavens."

    -Seconded! (and I don't even have the apples...)


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