Friday, July 15, 2011

Birth Memories, 4

I am having back labor, because the baby is posterior.  I am sitting in the tub, in a great deal of pain.  My mother is somewhere in the room, crying.  My spouse is sitting next to the tub, looking worried, possibly also crying. 

I cannot possibly handle anyone else but me being upset in this moment. 

I wrap myself in three towels, ask the student midwife for some ice cubes, and hide in the bathroom, where I stay for the next two hours.  I come back out right before the baby is born.


  1. wait, your comments on my birth story are becoming clearer....

    they were crying because you kicked them, weren't they?

  2. I think a snort of amusement is probably not appropriate, but that's what came out. While I bet it was a lot less pleasant than this, I just envision someone saying FINE! IF YOU'RE ALL GOING TO CARRY ON LIKE THIS, I'LL JUST DO IT MYSELF. HUMPH! I hear tell back labor is the most painful thing ever invented. Glad your family could help you through it. Snort.

  3. Bionic: No! I didn't kick anyone! It's just that in yours, it seems like there were a lot of people who deserved it.

    Bunny: Looking back, once the pain was over, it was very amusing and snort-inducing. And I felt very HUMPH at that moment. Let me tell you.


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