Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Death To Leggy Things

My basement, like many basements - especially basements in houses that have sat empty for a year - suffers from infestations. (If I should ever again buy a house which has been unoccupied, I shall demand an exterminator.)

The worst of the critters were, I thought, spiders. Dozens and dozens of spiders. A childhood spent around black widows has given me a horror of spiders. Also, one of them bit Dr. S on the arm and he got a nasty, nasty infection.

So, I sacrificed my hippie-granola-organic principles and bought some Death To Bugs Spray. I sprayed it diligently around the entire exterior of my house and then around every single corner in the whole basement.

It did not appear to do anything to the spiders. I sprayed it again.

Now EARWIGS are crawling out of my baseboards, turning up their little earwiggy legs, and dying by the dozens.

So which is worse- live earwigs in your walls that you don't know about, or dead ones everywhere?


  1. Live ones! Death to the home invaders!

  2. Well, live ones may be worse, but dead ones are more disgusting. I was so full of organic principles until I had EARWIGS.


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