Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Which I Enjoy Myself, And Also Meet The End Of My Rope

People, I still (or possibly again) have a !@#$! case of thrush. HELP! I've taken fluconazole six times, tried the nystatin cream (useless), cut all sugar out of my diet, and I do mean all sugar- fruit, dessert, chocolate, everything, and it SUCKS- and painted on gentian violet approximately 5,000 times, and I take a probiotic every day and drink lots of water and try to wear loose shirts. And I put the gentian violet in the kid's mouth too, though he's never otherwise been treated. What do I do? Other than lay in bed and cry.

On a more cheerful note, one of my work-friends is a kind and understanding woman who invites me over regularly even though I never come. Except! Last night I went over to her house and played DDR and ate a little soy ice cream and talked about crafts and had a fantastic time. It was lovely.

The end of everyone's rope, unfortunately, is still near: the Pumpkin is getting his first top teeth in. And we all want to die.