Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Which I Am Narrowly Averted From Homicide

The chair of my committee, with whom I am required to clear thesis scheduling, has a defect in the email-responding portion of his brain. I have been waiting a week to hear from him. I appreciate that becoming pregnant was my choice and so on, but they are much more accommodating if, say, one must leave town by a certain date. I am nearly ready to take Belle up on her offer to hunt down his office and apply violence.

However! I re-sent my aggressive scheduling email ("Schedule my thesis defense or I will scream my HEAD off; I am bloody well done, done done DONE, also do you want to read my boring thesis?"), I sent a copy to my former boss. He replied, "Let me know if you don't hear back and I will track him down."


Of course, he also asked if I had a newer version of my thesis to send him...

...ah, no. I have four pounds of baby kicking me and a full-time job, is what I have.