Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Which I Apologize For Being Boring

Dear, faithful, readers (all five of you): I make a very dull housewife.

Today I must go on an exciting expedition to find:

1) an alarm clock, as currently we have a lab timer, and there is nothing so disconcerting as waking out of a sound sleep to the feeling of 'My reaction!! AAAAAA!!'; and

2) a pair of yoga pants that are not green, as this is the only garment that doesn't touch my belly, and also as my dear spouse, who has the fashion sense of, well, a male Midwesterner, and who is to boot somewhat colorblind, nonetheless refuses to go out of the house with me in Kermit-colored trousers. Because I embarrass him.

3) groceries.

On a slightly more interesting note, I have a phone interview next week. In preparation, the company wanted me to fill out the World's Most Inane Personality Survey ('Are you more: easily irritated by others; comfortable in large groups; efficient at boring tasks.' Gee. I wonder what the right answer is.)

Dr. S has started work in his new lab, which is funded by That Crazy Frozen Dead Guy (you can guess who). He gets there, on average, 2.5 hours before anyone else, because he has a compulsion to work. They all leave promptly at 5 to pick up the kids. It's like living in an alternate universe, compared to both our old labs.

We now have a variety of bizarre but nice benefits, including dental insurance, because they provide a medical-insurance allowance every month which makes it like getting it all for free. They specifically cover both birthing centers and contraception. It's very.... civilized.