Monday, May 19, 2008

Fear, Or Justice

I love my country. But I cannot believe that in only eight years, Bush and his cohort of evil Republicans (plus Joe 'Evil Rat Weasel' Lieberman), and all the Democrats who rolled over and played dead for fear of being labelled terrorist-appeasing treasonous slugs, have let the US become a mockery of law and justice. Because it's not like this has happened before.

It makes me sick to see supposedly universal Constitutional rights eroded and suffocated and twisted so they apply only to the wealthy white. I find it incomprehensible that Bush could put such incompetents in charge of others' lives, and then stand aside as poor people died; that he could give fancy speeches about helping the needy, but give his helping hand only to the rich and prosperous. Meanwhile the infant mortality rate among African-Americans is almost three times what it is in whites. There are people going hungry in the streets while we are spending $340 million per day so that innocent civilians can be slaughtered while their counterparts in Afghanistan are forgotten. Thousands upon thousands are dead while we forget them because that war is 'almost over' as of 2002.

I still cannot believe that my country has tortured citizens within its own borders- while the CIA and others were certainly doing it for years, never before has an administration stood before its citizens and claimed that deliberate and illegal inhuman treatment was necessary to our security, and gotten away with it. Twice. (By the way, Russ Feingold was the only senator who voted against the 'Patriot' Act in 2001. Both of your senators therefore have supported torture and civil rights violations. Except in Wisconsin, where it's one. In the House the vote was 337 to 79.)

Bush machinated to violate our Constitutional right to privacy in our own borders. He has let the military and the CIA disappear and maltreat people, hold them without charges for years, and otherwise do as they wish. Our own citizens have been convicted on suspicion after years of isolation and torture.

Please, write to your senators and reps. Send something to the ACLU if you can. If you can give to the local food bank, there are a lot of hungry people. If you can volunteer and help teach someone to read. Anything. This is intolerable.