Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Revenge of the Matzah

I have been MIA while cleaning. Oh, the cleaning. For the first two days I feel a sense of deep spiritual connection to the holiday of Pesach. On the third day, when we boil all the dishes, I think "WHY am I doing this to myself AGAIN????"

Happily, there remain approximately 360 days until I must do it again.

On a related Pesach note, here are my two favorite talmudic rulings:

1) Pesachim 10b. With a mouse. To summarize, it goes: what if you see a mouse go into your leavened-grain-free house with a piece of (gasp!) bread??? What if you see another mouse? Are they the same mouse? What if it's a WEASEL?

And the answer is, who knows.

2) It's Pesach. Someone drops their sandwich into the reservoir. Oh no! It's Pesach! We can't rule that it's nullified by the huge amount of water because chametz can't be nullified on Pesach! What to do?

And the answer is, don't be crazy, drink the damn water.