Friday, April 04, 2008

The Return of the Photo Library

It is not dead; it was merely resting. (I am giving things away at the bottom, by the way.)

A quilt for little Ms. Julianna
(It looked better in person.)

Over Colorado it looks very wrinkly.

In San Diego, on the other hand, there are beaches:

And they are pretty.

They have peculiar, six-foot-long bits of seaweed:

And long bridges.

It also boasts a multitude of flora, including cactus gardens:

Truly odd flowering trees:

And museums of 'Man'. Bah.

It is spring! (Turns out warm sunny places get there first, who knew?) The ranunculus are in bloom:

The aloes are fascinatingly patterned:

And the orchids are overjoyed.

But the TSA is, as always, pleased to inform us that it has no sense of humor:

On another note, here are some well-meaning gifts that I do not like. If you want one- preferably for your own personal use and enjoyment, or to give to some other deserving soul- email me,and I'll check on Sunday and sort it out in the unlikely event that more than one person wants any of them. (I would like to add that I make no assertion that I will ship them quickly.)

Scarf. New. Beige. Very beige. Made of polyester. I don't do beige. Probably a little darker than it looks in the picture. The tape measure's 60 inches long, so it's a little longer than that.

My dear and well-meaning aunt gave me both of the pins below. I have carted them around for fifteen years and have not yet worn either one even once. They'd be lovely for someone's coat... LIKE MY GRANDMA. They are made by hand; ceramic with unknown glazes. Both have a locking bar pin on the back. Sorry the little one's out of focus.



Happy weekends to all. I hope it is not raining wherever you are, and that the daffodils are blooming!