Monday, January 28, 2008

Wasn't On Today's Menu

I was talking to Dr. S. 'I suppose at some point in a few years when you and I are both ready we'll think about trying for a kid,' I said. To which he replied, 'Dear, I'm ready now.'



My dad interviewed with a big contract-research company last week. The interviewer mentioned that she was flying to Cold Utopia the next day. 'Oh, Cold Utopia?' my dad said. 'My daughter, who's getting a PhD in Bricklaying in Biology from Snooty U, is moving there in the fall.'

The interviewer's ears perked up and her eyes shone. 'Please tell her to call me soon,' she said.

It had only vaguely crossed my mind to apply to industry jobs. But apparently they want scientists who know biology and can write! To write and edit! Who knew! It's almost like this dreadful PhD will be good for something one day.