Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drowning in Data

I need either:

  1. A clone of myself
  2. A well-trained tech -or-
  3. A very clever monkey.

Let me explain: I have a long list of success-guaranteed experiments to do. This is better than the alternative, but if only there were two of me! I generate heaps of unanalyzed data, but I want MORE, MORE, FEED ME NOW.* And at some point- say, late at night, or possibly in my sleep, or something- the pictures must become numbers. I have no time for this. I have experiments to do.

I thought of asking for a rotation student, but I don't want one. I want someone with skills. I want a trained monkey. Where's my monkey?!?!? I want it faster! Faster! Must! Leave! Town!

Also, my eyes are blurry from moving clear liquids around all day.

*Okay, not that I'm really complaining. The memory of the Sit Alone In The Dark Crying Project is never far from my mind. This is better. Really.