Monday, November 12, 2007

Life: Interfers With Blogging

Inability to stay awake: I slept for 15 hours last night, and could have slept more, but the Protestant guilt kicked in about 11:30.

Boredom coupled to stress: Must have experiments work. Long list. People keep harassing me (committee, grad director, advisor, the usual). Do experiments over and over. Boring. Stressful.

Major decisions: We have four weeks to decide where we'll spend the next 4 or 5 years. Except we can't leave until I finish; see above. And we only have half the data. Eeek.

Major decisions which are good and bad at the same time: We have, presently, two choices.

1) Midwestern Utopian City
Pros: One of the best US cities to live in. Farmers' market. Public transportation. Bike trails. Joy, harmony, peace on earth. Could afford a house. Lab wants Dr. S very badly; gave him ten people for me to call about jobs, and the PI also called HHMI and hit them up for soft money to change his 'contingent on fellowship' offer to 'we'll fund you no matter what, please come.' Closer to the in-laws. Good day-care (which will eventually matter).

Cons: Cold. Very cold. Far from my momma. I don't have a job. Did I mention cold?
2) Blighted East Coast City
Pros: Excellent campus. Good lab. Close to my momma. Warm. Further pros to be investigated at the end of the month.

Cons: Didn't interview there yet; no data. Cars on fire. Crack houses next to campus. Armed guards and razor wire. Still no job. Suburban life with commuting.
So except for the near-my-family thing, it would be an easy choice. I suspect the razor-wired campus will lose out, and I'll see my momma once a year. Good and bad all at once.