Monday, November 26, 2007

From the Turkey-Filled Trenches

Coming to you live from the World's Slowest Internet Connection! There has been eating of the smoked salmon, four varieties of pie, and cranberry salad; there has been staying up too late. There has been no thesis-writing or work of any persuasion. I do intend to print out my poster title (oops) and paste everything to some highly attractive posterboard. The dog is very dog-like, the cat is friendly, and the family is mildly wacky but very entertaining. We have delivered cousin J. to the wide-place-in-the-tracks train station, in my favorite small town, and soymilk pancakes have been supplied by my work-at-home father. I haven't heard him talk this much EVER. Leaving the pointy-haired boss behind has clearly been salutary.

On a less amusing note, we've decided that my cousin S. almost certainly has Asperger's/ autism spectrum. He's 16 and has the social capacity of a six-year-old. Er.