Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Photo Library: Plants, Bags, and Dresses

First, a fashion dilemma: I must go the the extraordinarily posh wedding of one of Dr. S's many cousins. Should I wear: a) my deep-burgundy-red velvet cocktail dress, which is a bit tight through the thighs (of all places) because I last wore it when I was 18; or b) my long emerald-green taffeta ball skirt, whose crinoline has been appropriated by my sister, and which no longer has a top to go with? And attempt to pull off... something like this or this or this over it? Aaargh.


Someone's rather nice front walk; someone else's quite nice front garden.

More garden.


A memento from Dr. S's post-defense party.

Here kitty kitty! A very friendly three-legged cat. Lately I am struck by periodic bouts of longing for a) a cat; b) a puppy; c) a baby. I have none of the above. Yesterday, when I got a package addressed to 'Dr. J.F. Scientist', also longing for a PhD; ditto.

Coleus, and something that looks like a distant cousin of Dusty Miller.

Looks like sweet pea on a stick.

Osteospermum, possibly?

Red dress
Latest garment project. See, it only took me two months to put in the zipper! Worn for our anniversary dinner.

The latest chapter in my plastic-reduction efforts. Veggie and fruit bags.