Friday, August 31, 2007

Further Evidence: I Should Have Stayed In Bed (All Week)

Friday recipe below.

Monday morning: Attempt to do thing with cells. Cells do not cooperate. Experiment delayed due to meeting. Cells continue to not cooperate. Throw up hands and leave.

Tuesday morning: Lab meeting. Boring papers. Smelly grad student sits next to me. Smells bad.

Wednesday morning: Postdoc: 'I think there's something wrong with that freezer...' Open freezer. Large puddle of water. Yelp. Begin slinging boxes onto a cart. Stuff boxes into 3 already-full freezers. Attempt to find something important. Fail. Sigh.

Wednesday morning, 30 minutes later: Postdoc: 'And this rotor, um, it....' Look at rotor. Tube stuck firmly into rotor. Rotor costs $4000. Get vise grips; spend 30 minutes extracting cap. Drain tube. Tube has imploded. Swear. Apply various tools, gingerly. Fail. Go yell at lab manager for other lab, whose idiot first-year imploded tube. Conduct training session on Proper Centrifuge Usage, Or How Not to Ruin Our Expensive Equipment, Morons. Stare at rotor. Give up.

Thursday morning: Go outside. Wait for bus. Bus does not come. Feel stabbing pain. Yellowjacket has stung sprained finger in joint. Whimper in pain. Apply baking soda. Doesn't help.

Thursday evening: Message on machine. 'That X-ray? On your finger? The sprained one? Someone should have called you. A week ago. Um, it's fractured. Would you like an appointment?'