Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Traditional Weird Google Hits; etc.

Oh right! That blog thing! I have one of those. Sorry, folks; overwhelmedness, a bout of Terminal Anxiety, and another bad allergic reaction- fortunately headed off before the not-breathing part- have been having their ways with me. And my sister had a baby! I find this extremely disorienting.
Google asks:

What are the two parts of science?

Why must be a scientist be objective?
1. If you find out, let me know. Despair, followed by results? Rinse and repeat.
2. Because we like to pretend we're finding the objective truths of the universe. In practice, maybe not.

tulips pennies stand science
sweet potato postdoc job
Excellent fodder for future blog haiku. How does one parse these? Do tulip pennies endure or enjoy their scientific careers? Are special tulip stands used in labs? Do people actually study sweet potatoes?

How to deal with whiny co-worker
Honey, ignore 'em. Ignore 'em good and hard. Earplugs help.

Reproductive benefits of sudafed
It's very simple. When your nose isn't dripping ooze, your spouse is more likely to get some.

cell center stockroom university of penn add grant 2007
I really, really want to know why my blog comes up for this.

recipe haiti pregnant
metformin pcos ovulation vinegar
Again with the mystery. Vinegar?!?!?