Friday, August 03, 2007

Recently, In the News

This post brought to you by a week of working my sweet little tush off; a last-minute order for 1 mCi of hot ATP, followed by the realization that a) I needed maybe 250 uCi and b) it was much, much too late; and the letter 'J' for 'Oh my gracious do I have: a load of journal work this weekend, three people to harass in person, one pissed-off author to apologize to. Also, WHY must we have the quality/quantity argument EVERY TWO MONTHS???'. Remind me to tell you about lab misadventures; they have been many. (Anyone out there do NADH-linked ATPase assays? Mine hates me. A lot.)

A less-ratty species of the tote bag. Because real people have real bags.
Tote bag for adults

Virtuously ecological grocery bags. (Not pictured: with purple straps.)

Baby gifts. Not Mr. Hippo; he's mine, all mine.
Mr. Hippo Goes to Daycare

A large selection of headbands for my newly short, falling-into-Bunsen-burner length hair.

A dress that has been languishing, zipperless, for five (5) weeks.

And finally, my deeply-ingrained 'Waste Not, Want Not' meets my desire to keep the aliens out.

Hope you all stay cool this weekend. Oy, it's hot.