Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Navel-Gazing Angst (For A Change, Eh?)

Update: My script died. That last post? It was longer. It's all there now!
P.S. Sorry about the dead link at the bottom of every post. I'm working on it.

Hi, blog! I've been neglecting you. Not so much from an actual lack of time as from a bad case of overwhelmed dissatisfaction. I get home and I want to pout, or hide in the closet for a while. You know, a year or two. Ironically, I used to be a very sociable person. I went out every night! I saw plays! I organized parties! Now it's all I can do to answer my email. (I can't be the only person with a pathological fear of opening my email, can I? Lest someone has been mean to me.) So if you don't hear from me, I'm in a closet with my hands over my ears.

On the grounds that this is not a fabulous response to life, however, I hereby resolve to try to post MWF. Really.

(By the way, I just told Mr. S that I've had a blog for 9 months. Mr. S: 'Okay. I didn't know I was married to a blogger!')
  • I started this blog so as to have somewhere to say things about science and life in science. Unfortunately, I think it's best to keep details about lab stress to a minimum, because the Law of Pseudonymity is that eventually your co-workers will find you. Equally unfortunately, lab stress is kicking my ass. I wish I could describe it and get it off my chest.