Monday, July 30, 2007

Eight Things

I'm pretty sure someone tagged me for this, though I can't for the life of me remember who. So here you go: eight random things about me. Because it IS all about me. I am a bad, rebellious non-rule-follower, so no rules.

1. I hate shopping because I never have time. As a result, I have something like three shirts in a few colors each. My wardrobe is very dull.

2. I only met Mr. S a year before we were married, and I thought it would be a completely non-serious relationship, i.e. a fling. Oh, how I was wrong.

3. I learned to speak like a dem' Yankee in college, and now I talk in Midwestern Broadcaster Standard most of the time. But I can talk like a total hillbilly; when I'm upset, I lapse into pure Southern, and I still say baaay-ugh for bag, 'That car needs washed' and 'She's good people.'

4. I'm a committed libertarian and bra-burning feminist, but I want to live in Virginia, a state which causes me to tear out my hair and weep. (See: Amendment banning same-sex marriage, long history of racism, etc.) And I used to dye my hair. I draw the line, however, at pointy heels.

5. Pursuant to 4, I loves me some rednecks. Bless their hearts, they may all be Republicans, but they're good people (by and large). To wit: once, when I was 10 or so and my sisters were 6 and 1, the wheel bearings on my mom's car gave out, just short of Afton Mountain. We made it to the local gas station and deer-and-turkey-check-station (complete with slab of salt pork on the floor) right before the car gave up in a smoky screech. The owner of said station called her son and his buddy- at 8 PM on a cold Friday night!- who were car mechanics, and they not only came and had a look, but also woke up a buddy of theirs who owned an auto parts shop, went over and bought new wheel bearings from him, and then installed said bearings. At (by then) 10 PM on a cold Virginia night. Of course, they refused payment of any kind beyond the cost of parts. Because it's just what you do. Soon after, we sent them a large and elaborate basket of tasty foods. Because that's also what you do.

6. I don't make friends easily. When the average residence half-life among one's friends is about three years, this is a bit trying.

7. I have unusually flexible joints and can put my feet behind my head even if I haven't stretched in weeks. It runs in the family; we sprain things a lot.

8. I am a compulsive proofreader. (Although it may not be evident here.)