Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday 'Beat Head Here'

I have no Library for you today. Why, you ask?

Because I went to bed at 2 AM. And why is this, you ask?

Because our lovely friends Mirele and Yossi, who are visiting for the week, were robbed at gunpoint last night! The little charmers got away with two wallets and Mirele's wedding ring. And once we were done dispensing tea and calling a variety of alarmingly chipper institutions, it was rather late.

In this town, each person has a one in ten chance of being robbed in any given year. Why yes, the crime rate is appalling! To be fair, so are the poverty rate and the graft-and-embezzlement rate.

To put a cap on an already wonderful day, I woke up this morning- later this morning- to find that the phone and internet were out. Again.

(Later, in my inbox):

Dear Jenny,

I love you.