Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Day In The Life Of The Spouseless

In which I determine that the married state has many advantages.


6 am: Mr. S hugs me goodbye. Respond 'Mrrrrrffflll ehh.' Go back to sleep.
9 am: Wake up. Look out window. Lay in bed, bitter that tea does not make itself and the Contractual Tea-Maker is away. Eventually, get up and make tea.
12:30 pm: Go to work. Hate work. Pout because there's no-one to whom to complain.
8:15 pm: Finally leave work, sulking because dinner does not make itself and the Provider of Hot Dinners After Working Late is away. Eat leftovers.
8:45 pm-9:00 pm: Enjoy having a little time to myself.
9 pm: Decide time-to-myself has grown old and I want Mr. S back. Pout.
9:30-11 pm: Watch Buffy.
11:30: Go to bed. Sulk some more. Have strange dreams about planes full of soybeans and vampires and LB plates falling into lakes.

It's a good thing we only do this twice a year.