Monday, February 05, 2007

Messages to Google

"Is dioxin bad when you're pregnant?": Honey, dioxin's bad for you ALL the time. Did you see those pictures of Yuschenko?

On hallucinating plastic globules oozing out of one's skin: You have bigger problems than I can help you with. Have you considered calling the nice psychiatrist?

What happens if you eat plastic wrap?: Very little; plastic is fairly inert to stomach acids. It will make returns in short order. Unless it's a really big piece, in which case, it's likely surgery for you, dearie.

Microwave use in pregnancy
: Don't microwave yourself or the baby, and for the bazillionth time, microwaves do not cause cancer. Nor do cellphones. No.

How does friction act on a sliding penny?: The same way it works with anything else sliding. Sliding friction.

Any more questions?