Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Book of Tribulations

1. And it came to pass that the Prophetess of Science was sore dismayed by Winter. And she heard wisdom, and drank of the Water, unto many cups; yet it aided not. The Prophetess cried out, saying: O Mother, wherefore the afflictions of the sulfur taste and of the nose?

2. The Mother soothed her, saying: O Daughter, have ye drunk of Water and of Tea? Verily, bathe thy head in steam, thy affliction shall ease. As to the taste of sulfur, I know not, yet it shall pass. So the Prophetess heeded the words of her Mother, and went unto the fire and heated much water. She bowed down before the steam, and drank many libations.

4. Lo! For the great and mighty steaming of the head answered her trouble, and when she awoke in the morning, she rejoiced. For as the Mother had said, the taste of sulfur had passed her over. All praise be given unto the wisdom of the Mother.

5. Yet Winter had not finished with the Prophetess, and she soon became the Wearied One. For when she attempted the sacred ritual of Replicating The Experiment, the Deities heeded not her prayers.

6. And the Wearied One made anew of her potions, and it aided not. And she made again and yet again, and yet once more, of her consecrated incenses, and it aided not. Though she persevered, lo! Her vision failed her and she saw naught.

9. The Wearied One cried out, saying: Wherefore see I nothing? And a prideful and arrogant man answered her, Hast thou added sufficient oil? Hast thou used the correct filter? Yea, unto many times, she replied. Then hast thou removed the polarizer? And the Man removed it further, and it was good.

Failure10. But it availed not, for the Deities turned their faces from the Wearied One. For lo, the Experiment worked not. And the Wearied one laid her down on the mountaintop, and was grieved in her heart, and wept for her lost Vision. For she could not walk one more step on the holy mountaintop ere her Experiment were properly Replicated. Woe unto her. Woe.