Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Highs and Lows

Having been thoroughly traumatized- though less than last year!- I have returned to the wilds of Snootyville. I have some lovely pictures to share. Once I remember the cable.

  • We should ship all them dem Mexicans off to Iyrack. Then our good Amurrican soldiers won’ have to die.
  • Well, it’s just a man’s place to fight for his country. Women should take care of the babies.
  • There’s no prejudice against women in the military. They get preference! There’s quotas!
  • [Baking strawberry shortbread] is a woman’s job.
  • I, um, had a thing with little Catherine [redacted]. [Ew.]
  • Digital camera! Much better than another neon pink cardigan.
  • Favorite aunt and uncle, six cousinettes, a Vietnamese restaurant, and a bottle of wine!
  • Quilt top for… er, maybe NOT for Fluffhead.
  • Brilliant book from 1932 on the chemistry of cooking. Back in the day when women could only teach in the home ec department! 300 pages of chemical analysis of angel food cake, lard, and meringue, i.e. great frustration channeled through the kitchen.
The sign? Dear friends, it is a label about welding. The snake-looking thing is a welder, and they are warning various ways to not get electrocuted, set on fire, or asphyxiated. Except if you can’t tell that from the label… you should be reading the manual anyways.

We shall return shortly to our regularly scheduled outrage and scientific randomness.


  1. That OSHA label is unbelievable. I kept scrolling up and down to see what I'd missed, but there really is nothing there to indicate welding, of all things. That is exactly why I despise products requiring assembly that only come with useless diagrams. Give me text... please!

    Congratulations on surviving holiday hell, and escaping with a digital camera, to boot. Looking forward to the photos.

    Now you've got me craving pho. Mmmm, pho.

  2. I love the camera! They're not so expensive or anything, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money myself. Congrats to you too on coming through unscathed (or mostly). 357 days until we have to do it again!

    Isn't the label a hoot? My carpenter friend brought it to me because she thought it was beautifully obscure. There's one in her shop that she renders as 'Don't have a party in the cherry picker.' If I ever remember I'll take a pic.

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Glad you're back! I just wanted to let you know I changed my URL. Too many people I know in real life were reading my blog. We got a digital camera too! I should post some pictures from our Christmas dinner.

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Sorry, I didn't actually leave what the URL is. http://tryingtogrowup.blogspot.com

  5. You gotta love OSHA labels. Brilliant stuff. Makes me so proud to work for the government. I would have loved a copy of that cookbook. Sounds like fun.

  6. NSLS, I think you're all changed. :)

    Nicole, I'll post at least bits from the cookbook. It's a treat.


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