Monday, January 08, 2007

Bureaucratic Logic

Mr. S goes to the DMV to renew his license.

-You have to show proof of Social Security number.
-I don't have any with me.
-Then go to the Social Security office.
-. . . Er?
-If you show your driver's license they'll give you a new Social Security card.
-Of course.

Brought to you by the Real ID act! Motto: Here to Confuse and Impede! (Also: No asylum for terror. Terrorists. Whatever.)

I'd like to note that in the original incarnation of the act, asylum-seekers would have been required to obtain written evidence that they had in fact been persecuted. From the government that had persecuted them. "Yes, we did beat and torture Mr. Bamba! Thanks for asking!"

As I've mentioned, I translate for asylum candidates. As in this article, one of our clients was initially denied for not being 'credible': the client could not remember every detail of their rape and beating.

And it clearly makes driver's licenses safe against terror. Yep.

[Real ID on 119 stat. 303, p.73]