Saturday, May 11, 2019

Maybe Not My Favorite Game

Today, my friends, I have collapsed into bed, where I am playing "Influenza Or Side Effects?" This would be a great exercise in analytical reasoning, except for the part where you only get to play it when you're not quite in your right mind! And I don't think of myself as particularly suggestible, but reading the reported side effects in prescribing information is practically guaranteed to give you at least one of them- headache if nothing else!

Anyhow, I think I'll try this particular medication again sometime... later. Possibly never.


  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I hope it's over soon and you can apply the Bradford Hill Criteria to your symptoms with a clear head.

    1. Somehow I'd never heard of those before! One more thing to inflict on my wee undergrads.

      The best trial, of course, would be to stop for a week and then try again, but as this is my fifth total trial of two related medications I think I'm going to conclude that (four vague symptoms and one very specific one) are, in fact, related, and I'm done!


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