Monday, April 15, 2019

More Work and Garden Related Updates

I have, in fact, a full-time job.  For the next five years, probably.

At my other job, we got a grant, so I have to do that job next year too (one lecture & lab, plus all the grant stuff, aiieeeeee).

I continue to be generally depressed about ever finding a permanent job despite the fact that I have produced A Result and also I have enough job for at least 1.5 people right now. 

My four gooseberries have all leafed out!  We also re-landscaped a friend's backyard this past weekend; it is very satisfying to see a plan come together and look nice, and also digging holes is excellent exercise!

I bought my annual fancy hellebore and it is very pretty.

This has been a dispatch from my finals-grading avoidance.

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