Thursday, August 27, 2015

Owing to Circumstances Beyond Our Control

I'm going to have to confine my remarks to things NOT having to do with my multitudinous feelings.

Item: I continue to loathe all persons asserting that science has no value or validity in their lives, and who have nonetheless not died of dental abscesses, measles, smallpox, pneumonia, or asthma.

Item: I am going to have to uninvite the anti-vaccine person from playgroup and, contrary to what people may think, I do not actually enjoy being mean.

Item: Bug has now gone to 4.5 days of school and continues to be a crazed weasel afterwards.

Item: Sweetpea almost has a nap schedule.  I usually get 90 minutes alone.  In that time I can either do yoga, make dinner, or eat lunch, but only one.  This is not ideal.

Item: Next week I return to working... all of three hours per week.

Item: I am contemplating joining the Y solely for the childcare.  Because then I might get exercise. (Many repeated  joint injuries make running inadvisable.)  This is especially trying given that I have free access to two gyms AND a set of fitness classes.  But.... childcare.

Item: The Headache of Doom continues.  I begin to wonder if perhaps I should seek medical advice.  Do you suppose they'd give me more narcotics if I ask nicely?

Monday, August 24, 2015

FMB: Assorted Life Stuff

  • We all survived the wedding.  And I totally got bingo.  Also, I seem to have run right out of patience with how poorly my mother deals with feelings.  Helpful hint: lashing out is not productive. 
  • Related: the Deeply Offensive Thing that Sister 2 said when she left the country was "There's nobody we really care about here." (It's only been 10 years, why do you ask?). Sister 3 appears to be going for Deeply Stupid Things, including "I had mom tell you because I didn't want to damage our relationship and I'm not good at feelings.". Well, 1) totally opposite effect and 2) at 25, it's time to LEARN.  Difficult conversations don't exactly come easily to anyone.  
  • Sweetpea has suddenly learned to crawl, pull up, stand, pull things off tables, and get into cabinets.  Trouble!
  • I am teaching one section of Pseudo Military Lab.  I have feelings about the chair.  But the baby is done nursing, so they'll have to wait for later.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of Peevishness 5

Hypocrites!  Republicans who take food stamps. (Nobody should go hungry, but neither should they walk out clutching their EBT cards and declaiming against everyone ELSE who receives this benefit.). Democrats who evade taxes.  Libertarians who oppose marriage equality but support state sanctioning of straight people getting married.  Members of the military who oppose government health care (VA system and DoD/tricare are the biggest payor provider in the country and 9.1 million vets were enrolled in the VA system alone in 2014).  People who get their knickers in a twist about some aspect of modern medicine (edit: by which I mean, like people who won't vaccinate, or who think Science Can't Show Anything) and yet willingly take antibiotics.

Some days, I'm pretty sure that I just hate people.

Your turn for annoyance!  It's one of those weeks. No complaints too petty.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week of Peevishness 4

#4: People who decide to do something (home school!  concealed carry!) and then decide that not only is it the best thing for them but then decide they must convince the whole world that it is the best thing of all things.  Frequently accompanied by a tiresome desire to convert all persons in the vicinity to the One True Path.  Look, if homeschooling (or being a Seventh Day Adventist/ vegan/ Holier Than Thou I Don't Feed My Child Sugar Just Dates And Fruits  And Honey) is great for someone else's family, great. I don't want to homeschool; the thought gives me hives.  And when someone tells me my kid's school, which their kid has never attended, will ruin his life because of some half baked article they read about Boys Don't Get Enough Movement, I get a little annoyed. (He's fine, by the way.)

Tell me how your nearest and dearest have confused What I Want with True Religion!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week of Peevishness 3

Bad Weddings Bingo!

Bride cries
Inappropriate toasts
Drunk uncle
Three people who aren't on speaking terms
You wish something would catch fire
FREE SPACE: Mother cries
Ambulance is involved
Run out of liquor
After the wedding you aren't on speaking terms with the bride
 Inappropriately dressed guest
Dog eats something
Something spills everywhere
 So much liquor you couldn't possibly run out
Someone gets lost
Officiant offends everyone
You can't eat anything
 Mother loses it
Small child loses it
Officiant offends you
Inappropriately dressed bride
Bride cries with rage
Ring bearer won't
 Something catches fire
 Someone starts an argument

 (I have this as a PDF and will add the link one of these days. Current I am off at the wedding. Pray for me, dear readers, to the deity-of-patience of your choice.)

 Your turn! Favorite bingo-worthy family moments? Additions to a bingo card of Horrible Family Events?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week of Peevishness 2

#2: things I haven't said to Sister 2 but want to:

"You were an annoying little shit for pretty much all the years of your first marriage.  Let's not do that again, mmmmkay?"

"Do you remember all those screeds on Americans Are So Materialistic while you stuff your two suitcases per person, or just while going through Customs?"

"If you ever send me those screeds again I'm going to retaliate with 'Israelis* are so hypocritical' and 'Nobody gets to criticize American racism unless they live here because you don't know what it's like'.**  Seriously, let's NOT do that again."

And what would YOU like to say to your relatives?

* I don't actually believe this.  Making a point about her past behavior.
** Likewise!  'Nobody gets to criticize Israel's (racist, apartheid, illegal) treatment of Palestinians because you don't live here.'. Mmm, right. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week of Peevishness

#1: People who say they're going to go 'research' something, by which they mean use Google or possibly read abstracts BUT without any of the background necessary to distinguish between JAMA and the Journal of East Indian Natural Herbal Biological Remedies. On average, people with no scientific training know nothing about science and research,* so they will read an assortment of blog posts and conclude that all Category C medications MUST NOT be taken in pregnancy!  Well, I feel they're as qualified to do a literature review as *I* am to referee a paper on epistemology.

(Note to the reader: I have to look up what epistemology means every time. In my head it's something to do with letters.  Yes, I know, that's epistolary. Same with hermeneutics: I know it has a meaning but my brain doesn't store it.)

What's your pet peeve this week?

* Some do, of course!  But not everyone with a college degree knows the difference between data from Motherisk and data from, say, Andrew Wakefield.