Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Brief Book Reviews Returns

Henchmen of Zenda (KJ Charles): A true delight.  I recommend you go read the original Prisoner of Zenda (it's short! and free!) and then buy this immediately.

Four Weddings and Maybe a Funeral (Rhys Bowen): No better or worse than all the others in the series.  Kind of meh, but I read it anyways.

Prisoner in the Castle (MacNeal):  F. I read two pages and put it down; it starts with a violent, unnecessary, and frankly unbelievable death.  The last installment featured Nazis heavily; I couldn't read it, since I have enough Nazis nearby in real life (link content warning: violent Nazis).

Goldenhand (Nix): The latest in a long-running series that has been getting less and less good over time.  Lacking in plot, style, and editing, but I read it anyways.

Nevermoor (Townsend): A strange and delightful story about strange and delightful lands (children's book, on Zenmoo's recommendation).

Caraval: A strange and fairly original cabinet-of-wonders style story.  I regret to inform you that the heroine does fall in love, but I'm still going to read the next one.

The Rook (O'Malley): Extremely implausible/ not my cup of tea.  DNF.

Spinning Silver (Novik): A fantastic (in both senses) novel with a fantasy Eastern Europe theme; I recommend it whole-heartedly and don't want to say any more because you should go read it.

Hex Hall Series: Magic! Teens!  … inevitable love triangle.

As always, I welcome recommendations!

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  1. Excellent about the Novik book. I loved Uprooted and Temeraire, and have been at loose ends for something to read once I've finished up my current (The Farthest Shore. I'm still struggling with the early Earthsea books.)


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