Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Annual Break

We are, once more, having the annual Grandparent Visiting Without Me. (I would trade 'in-laws who don't suck' for 'ten days a year by myself' in a heartbeat, but alas, I cannot.)

While the children are gone, I feel the need to do All The Things.  I cleaned, laundered, made ten pounds of meat into jerky, cooked dinner for yet another friend-with-new-baby, spent three hours pruning at Sweetpea's preschool, got a haircut, mowed the !@#$! lawn,  finished a knitting project, went through the entire pile of mending/sewing projects, dropped off school supplies at orientation, filled out ten forms (twice over!), and made another set of Child School Tags.  I still need to make granola and breakfast quiche, register for yet another online class, possibly mow some more** and eventually, start prepping for the New! Improved! Bio For Real Life! class.

It's enjoyable to be alone- some- but the pressure to do stuff is real, and I do get tired of it eventually.  On the other hand: what luxury to be tired of being ALL ALONE.

* The big kids each have a backpack tag with a removable card; on the card is a list of where they go each day after school. (Monday: bus; Tuesday: walk home; etc.)  Yes, I could have bought luggage tags; I am too cheap.  

** I am afraid the mower and I will both end up in the creek.


  1. I am a Single Mom by Choice - no dad at all in our family EVER(I am alos a scientist, whihc must be how I found you blog). Ayway, my singleparent- means that my kidscould only ever have one set of grandparents (my parents), but given that my dad died 20 years before my kids were born, that means they only ever had one single grandparent - my mom. Sadly she died 4 years ago when the were 10 and 14. They did get to spend time with her, for which I am grateful. I think you kids are lucky to have more than one grandparent, even if you don' t like them as people!

    1. No... they're terrible, Trump worshipping bigoted racists and I wouldn't leave my children alone with them, ever. The only reason my children will have fond memories of them is that the spouse and I work really hard to protect the children from the grandparents. I'm sorry for your lost, but Any Grandparents are not better than no grandparents, and But Faaaaamily doesn't play here.


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