Friday, August 17, 2018

GOOD EVENING and welcome to your insomnia! Please choose as many causes as apply:

  • Drank coffee one minute after 3 pm
  • Didn't drink enough coffee
  • Had dessert
  • Stomach hurt, didn't eat enough, now too hungry to sleep
  • Stabbing pain in stomach, not otherwise specified
  • Ear is maybe going to explode
  • Ear isn't going to explode, but you wish it would
  • Afraid to take effective medications because everyone is a fucking idiot about statistics
  • Afraid to take effective medications because of the risk of accidental combined overdose
  • Afraid to take effective medications because already so sick
  • Afraid of catching norovirus from infected children 
  • Afraid of never sleeping again
  • Worrying about how many antihistamines you can REALLY take before doing liver damage
  • Forgot to take one of the antihistamines, probably
  • In bed trapped in a doom spiral about being sick forever
  • In bed trying to manage own complex care using only pubmed
  • Who knows, maybe aliens from space
  • Read the news this week
  • Read the news, now having flashbacks to asylum- interview translating
  • Worrying about youngest sister's abusive marriage
  • Worrying about dad's crabby retirement seclusion
  • Job inspiring feelings of trapped anger
  • Children inspiring feelings of trapped anger
  • Trump. Just Trump
  • Pecked by a macaw.

1 comment:

  1. Boooo. At least I don't have the horrible health/meds related reasons.

    Mine are:
    Drank one serving of alcohol and now have restless legs.
    Didn't exercise enough.
    Exercised too much.
    Mentally plan projects while asleep and wake up way too early to start them.
    Watched an engaging movie and brain won't shut up about it.
    Have an engaging book to finish reading.
    Dreamed a child died and have to go check on them.


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