Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Some Good Things

I've been a regular Negative Nellie (odd how chronic pain will really put a damper on one's cheerful outlook) so here are some things that are not terrible:

  • We have no debt (aside from the mortgage).*
  • The spouse has an excellent and well-paid job with great co-workers. 
  • We live in a beautiful, idyllic region of the state.  
  • There is a creek in our front yard.  Also, two flower gardens and a dozen fruit trees.
  • My kids get a longer leash here than I felt was safe when living in a city.  (Example: this fall, Bug will be walking home alone.  He is seven.  It's not very far.) 
  • Even though they're far away, I have excellent friends.
  • The other moms around here are very kind and helpful. 
  • We see my parents frequently and it is great.
  • There is a really good major medical center not too far away.**
  • There is free bluegrass on Wednesday mornings and Sweetpea dances along and wiggles her little tushie.
  • I only have 25% of the headache I had ten days ago.***

* WELL, technically we do, as we have a 0% loan on the van, but we have... enough to pay it off in our checking account.  I feel that doesn't really count. 
** An hour and a half.
*** Admittedly, ten days ago I felt that being run over by a truck would greatly improve my quality of life.  


  1. I KNOW, WHY CAN'T YOU BE SUNNIER? Just think how awesome your life will be when you kick this chronic pain mystery! Is my optimism annoying? Sorry, but I really, really want it to be true. And the free bluegrass and dancing baby sounds totally wonderful.

    I would love a creek in my yard. Very Anne of Green gables (After she gets married and has a creek in her yard.)

    1. I'll have to reread it and find the creek.

      And someone around here has to be an optimist; it sure isn't me!

  2. Being English, and not being accustomed to having such things as "creeks" (I have becks, or brooks or streams) I read that you had a greek in your front yard. I thought that was a strange if awesome thing to be pleased about.

    A factor of four down on the headache is definitely a good start. Roll on less pain, more enjoyment of the good things in life.

    1. Well, up here it's a crick, properly speaking. So to speak. I don't think people say brook much here, unless they're being pretentious; it's more a first name (I KNOW).

      Less pain, I can get behind!

      I wouldn't mind a Greek in my front yard if he/she would do some landscaping....


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