Monday, March 25, 2013

Only Child

I was recently watching another three-year-old while his mom went and did something else.  (This is a kid I don't usually watch.)  He's an only child, and there is an amazing difference between him and my three-year-old: this kid thinks he's the center of every adult's universe, but Bug knows he isn't.

And then I felt bad for neglecting my child... while I do all the things I have to do to keep this household running.  You know, trivial things like feeding the baby, washing the laundry, making lunch for everyone.  Poor kiddo.

I also learned that I have a very low tolerance for being a jungle gym.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    My older child seems to think she is the center of the universe, so maybe it's just my bad parenting...

    I've got a friend with an only three year old that I find SO TEDIOUS. I am always wondering if its the only-ness or the parenting or just the kid.

    1. Well... these children are almost FOUR. Yours is still itty bitty, really. Bug thought the same at that age, but he got over it.

      I also always wonder if it's the parent or the kid. This parent does a 'delayed vaccination schedule', which I consider a sure mark of an unbalanced mind, but still.


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