Monday, February 04, 2013

Bizarre But True Facts

I occasionally consider shutting down my blog, because really, is anyone reading?

I recently turned StatCounter back on, just for the fun of it.  From it, I learn that:

1) My all-time-most-read post is the one about pregnancy and listeria.

2) Apparently everyone in the world wants a gluten-free yogurt muffin recipe.  Who knew?  (It was only incidentally gluten-free. I think I was out of flour that day.)

3) "Microwaving saran wrap" and Marie Curie are apparently of great interest to Googlers across the world.

3a) Of almost equal interest: Metformin and PCOS, friction, and whether people really have celiac disease.  (Note that I was only talking about one person, who has since decided that no, actually, she's fine with bread, OF COURSE.  Lots of people really truly have celiac disease, or even a gluten intolerance. I am the last person to argue that food reactions aren't real.)

4) And right after that are searches on why academics are such jerks.  You're welcome, world.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Oh don't shut down! Your blog is great!


  2. I read! I love! I (like many?) read through a feed reader, which is maybe why you don't see the views?

  3. me too!
    and sometimes i comment, but somehow mobile blogspot doesnt like me and they dont show up half the time

  4. Lisa C.11:37 PM

    i read & am endlessly entertained! i keep telling myself that if we lived anywhere close in the real world we would be friends & you would be that one person who always has hilarious stories. dead serious, dont shut it down!

  5. Jenn, PhD2:45 AM

    Still here, faithfully reading along (though my blog is loooooong abandoned) so I get that...

  6. I am reading! But commenting mostly only works from a real computer, and the Bean mostly won't let me use one. (Much of the time, he won't let me use the ipad, either, but I can be sneakier with that one, plus I can use it on my commute.)

    Also: I'm surprised I haven't personally pushed your alcohol and breastmilk exegesis into the top slot.


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