Tuesday, February 05, 2013

In Which I Wish To Exchange The Spouse

My dear spouse is, as I've mentioned, interviewing for academic jobs. Personally, I think it's all a giant Ponzi scheme, liable to collapse at any moment amidst cries of woe, but who asked me?

Anyhow.  Despite the fact that we both have fancy PhDs, marketable skills in biology, marketable skills outside biology, and the collective willpower of a bulldozer, he is becoming panicky. 

Before he started turning in applications, we discussed the terms of our Marital Agreement Re: Where We Go Next: near my family, no temporary or visiting positions, if no TT job this year, then end of game, thank you for playing.

Do you know where he's flying this Sunday?  To interview for a one-year visiting position, on the off chance that a) he will receive no other job offers; b) this job might have some miniscule chance of a permanent hire; c) I will not then murder him for being gone all but 56 hours of the next two weeks; d) my response to having to move twice in two years will not be divorce.

Sadly, I am reliably informed that he is out of warranty.


  1. Sounds so frustrating!! I hope something comes up for him soon.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I hope this (or something even better) comes to fruition - and soon!

  3. 1) It's like an interview death march that never ends! Except, it will eventually. You probably won't murder the husband or children in the meantime. Um, stock up on brandy?
    2) I like the picture of the bulldozer :) Also, the MAWWIAGE label. The kids are all old enough to see the Princess Bride, right?? My answer to tired, single parenting = too much TV! Thank goodness Patrick isn't away too often.
    3) He's bound to be hired by someone eventually! Focus on the moving close to your family, these interviews may make that possible....
    4) Good luck.

  4. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Oh NUH UH, Spouse. This is a breach of contract! You should at least put some fire ants in his suitcase, or his underwear drawer. But, you know, I bet you are sympathetic to his panic, and I can only hope that if he doesn't get a good offer, he will come to his senses. I can imagine the death of a dream is painful for everyone, and he's just making sure you get yours.

    1. Yes. He is definitely trying to help us move closer to family, while allowing me to stay home with the kids for another couple years (though not not not forever!). Which is why I didn't throw an epic hissy fit at the prospect, EVEN THOUGH I would rather find a job my own damn self than move our family twice in two years. There's always time for arguments later!

      I'd like to think my bicycle-repair-and-design skills could get me hired, and I'm pretty sure industry *somewhere* would take him, but I do understand the panic.


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