Thursday, May 17, 2012

No, You* Do Not Have Celiac Disease

The fad-of-the-year around these parts seems to be pretending to have a wheat allergy.  (I remember many iterations of the "X is SOOOO bad for you" game within my own brief lifetime, including four iterations of fats, three of sugar, and two variations on cooked foods).  And if I hear one more spurious evolutionary-hogwash explanation of why X (cooked food, red meat, fish, grains, fruit) is SOOOO bad for you, I may weep.  (Yes, a diet high in lean protein and fresh vegetables is probably quite good for you, but it has nothing to do with your Paleolithic, survival-level, hunter/gatherer ancestors, thankyouverymuch.)

The fake-celiac thing irritates me for many reason.  Probably because it's a real disease, and fake self-diagnosis irritates me.  Also probably because I have a real, serious food allergy (actually, several), and "I don't feel good after I eat five cookies" is not in the same league as "I am having trouble breathing, my pulse is 190, and my oxygen saturation is 80%."  And thirdly, because I know the person in question (the one who's irritated me most recently) has PCOS, which causes insulin resistance, which is more likely why eating lots of bread makes her feel ill.

(I know plenty of people who have real celiac disease.  It is a real and serious disease.  This person does not have it.  Really.)

*Added for those people sadly lacking humor or irony: Where 'you' refers to this one particular person I am discussing! See also here.  Or, if you want real information, here.