Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Which My Super-Ego Argues With The Ghost Of In-Law Visits Past. And Wins.

Ghost Of Past Visits: Maybe you should clean the house.  Or at least the bathroom.  Seeing as the in-laws are coming tomorrow.
Superego: They're going to judge your housekeeping unfavorably no matter how clean it is.
G: Even more reason to clean!
S: You're not even the person who cleans around here.  Dr. S does.
G: They're going to judge YOU regardless.
S: Seriously.  When's the last time you turned on the vacuum?
G: Last week.  There were spiders.*
S: That doesn't count.
G: I hate cleaning. 
S: So you're going to do something you hate, and it will have no effect on other people's already erroneous, gender-stereotyped views of you.  And you don't really like them to start with.
G: .....
S: ... screw it, go eat a brownie.

*You know that Shelob scene? Just thinking about it makes me SHUDDER WITH HORROR. 


  1. Good for you!

    Speaking of in-laws and cleaning, mine called this week to ask for assistance clearing out their Hoarders-style house. As I am in charge of lots of Sunday School children this weekend I had to decline, but DH is actually going up there to clear the place out. He is quite good at cleaning, he just generally doesn't. Me being home, and all. Also, we hate doing work after kids are in bed. It's much more fun to drink adult beverages and watch Star Trek.

    Hmm, perhaps Dr. S will feel a cleaning urge tonight or Friday? Or your in-laws will just have to get over it. They're visiting your family, not your house. Which is in WAY better condition than my in-laws place!

  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Haha! I have a similar internal dialogue before my in laws visit. My husband is the at home parent and does the bulk of the cleaning. I'm always tempted to say- eh, it reflects on his cleanliness, not mine, and they are HIS parents. But I don't want my poor mother in law to have to contend with hair balls not of her own making. Plus we see a lot more of my family and he never pulls that card on me.

    Also, I really like my mother in law, so I want her to be comfortable. Right now, we owe her BIG TIME. She came and stayed for a week and watched both kids all day long- dance class, preschool pick-up, the works, even let us have a fancy dinner out sans kids for our anniversary- so that my husband could do an on-site freelance job last week.

  3. SUCK IT, in laws. You are not worthy of even the energy it took to have that internal debate.

  4. They came, they saw, they went, nobody killed anyone else. Overall, a successful visit.


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