Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Which I Turn Off The Internal Censor, And Am Happier

FIL: "And she was just taking those kids to the ER for everything!  I don't know why I work and pay taxes..."
JF: "I bet 'Hardworking, unemployed, job-seeking parent of three takes child to ER for broken leg' doesn't make the evening news very often.  Or 'confused elderly person on Medicare transported from nursing home'.  But those happen more."
FIL: "Ah... true."

MIL: "Oh, this is so hilly.  Oooooooof.  I don't know if I can make it!"
JF: "Well, the place I told you to park- you know, the address with a number that I gave you?  It was near a much flatter trail.  But here we are!"

.... et cetera.


  1. You = awesome. I might try your technique for the next time my parents visit-- as my mother has a similar tendency to annoy as your in-laws.

  2. Well, I was not F***ING ANNOYED the whole time, and everyone else was probably no more unhappy than they would have been anyways. So! I achieved MY goals at least!

  3. "everyone else was probably no more unhappy than they would have been anyways" going to use this goal for childcare!

    1. Indeed. That way YOU can be happier and THEY can be as they were!


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