Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Because I Can't Say It To My Spouse

Or, more accurately, because I already said it to my spouse and he found it extremely annoying: I TOLD YOU SO.

(Crazy bosses don't get less crazy, and then was, perhaps, the time to stomp down a foot and say "!@#$ you.")

On the other hand, if someone's consistently screwing me over, I'm likely to take a Colin Powell approach: analyze the risks and benefits, then strike with overwhelming force.  WHAP. (I refer to this as the Flyswatter Doctrine.)

Yet again, we have demonstrated that I am unsuited to academia, and that my spouse is a much nicer person than me. 


  1. Alternative hypothesis: you put up with more crap earlier on, at a more vulnerable stage, because you are a woman and you have reached capacity for taking nonsense from people.

  2. Yael: I've definitely reached capacity, that's the gospel truth!

  3. "Crazy bosses don't get less crazy": so sad, so true. I've also quite certainly reached my capacity; in fact, I'm almost sorry for my current boss when it comes to my level of crap intolerance (but only almost).


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