Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last Friday our synagogue had a service-and-potluck in the park.  (It was lovely.  The people here all like beer and football, and so Dr. S gets along great with them.) 

I was sitting at a picnic table with another family we know and their 4.5-year-old.  The father, who is Israeli, said something to the child in Hebrew. 

"We have that conversation almost every night," I said.  "This is the only dinner you will get!  There are no snacks after dinner!"

He stared at me.  "Your Hebrew must be excellent," he said.

"Oh, no," I said, "it's practically nonexistent.  But that's what it sounded like." 


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    i hang out with a danish-speaking family quite a bit, and while i have picked up a few words, it is amazing what you don't need to know.

    although the first time i told the toddler "no" in danish (she knows i only speak english), she about jumped out of her skin. heh.

  2. This made me smile.


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