Thursday, September 15, 2011


And without even pictures to amuse you, because my camera is giving up the ghost. (I dropped it on a tile floor; strangely, it hasn't been the same since.)

  • Dr. S is applying for academic jobs.  Perhaps I should also buy a lottery ticket.
  • I have been editing teaching statements, manuscripts, research proposals, and cover letters for him until my eyes are ready to bleed.   (And if I say "Why do we care?" one more time, you may shortly hear about my divorce.)
  • I made Bug finger paint today.  It was the best Bug thing ever.  
  • I also made a paint smock, nine dryer balls, a Cold-State-weight winter baby hat, another changing pad cover, a car blanket, and two kick-a-ball fabric balls.  Since Sunday.  
  • The ice-pick headache has mainly disappeared, with regular applications of narcotics. (Thank you, midwives!)  The sparkly things are worse, but mainly annoying.  I'll take it.
  • Tonight I went to a mandatory water-birth class.  Had I not already had a water birth, it would have been more enlightening.  Instead, I was reminded that I want to never watch another birth ever again.  Possibly even if I am giving birth. 
  • Dr. S is very amused at my touching faith in people's scientific knowledge.  This manifests as continual disbelief that People Don't Know Things.
  • The people at this class (not the instructor, mercifully) were all under the mistaken impression that humans are sterile. (Edit: As in germ-free.)  Like, ever.  After we're born and all.
  • Two words: IMMUNE SYSTEMS.
  • One more word: SOAP.


  1. So on the first read I couldn't understand how people in a birthing class would think that people are sterile (i.e. infertile) and then I read on. Soap and immune systems clued me in.

  2. Whoops! I forgot it has any other meaning. They seemed to have some delusions about disinfectants, is what I meant. :)

  3. Did I ever mention that I had a prenatal water aerobics instructor who told us that your baby could get fetal alcohol syndrome from the FATHER drinking?

    I think the look on my face told her what I thought of her.

  4. When we took birth classes, SEVERAL other couples asked if we were medical professionals... because we knew the answers to the questions. "No," I said. "We just read the book the instructor handed out the first day."

    This seemed a new and novel (heh) concept to all of them.


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