Sunday, August 07, 2011

Things My Child Does

That I do not love:
  • Throws screaming fits on a regular basis
  • Hits (me)
  • Asks for something and then changes his mind three times
  • Wants to steal everyone else's trucks  

That I love:

  • Asks for naptime
  • Pees on command
  • Eats practically anything
  • Throws his little arms around my neck and says "I wuv you too, sweetie-pie!"


  1. pees on command? that is an awesome skill. imagine an army that could do that....

  2. Potty training! Two-year-olds aren't so good at the whole "gee, I think I'll stop playing and go to the bathroom" thing so we settled for...

  3. That's so funny--I have the same list, but totally reversed! I can't fathom why you'd not want to be hit--so endearing.


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